Enjoying a Smooth, Comfortable Ride!

Have you ever bounced while driving over an unexpected pothole in the road? Or felt a sinking feeling as you car approached a railroad crossing, knowing your passengers will jostle uncomfortably as you pass over the tracks? Maintaining your vehicle’s suspension in good working condition makes a big difference in the quality of your daily ride!
Just consider a few reasons why you should ask a qualified mechanic to repair broken shocks and struts quickly:

  1. Damaged shock absorbers will cause your vehicle to rock uncomfortably as you cross rough roadways. Ask your repair shop to fix these parts to enjoy a smoother, more comfortable ride.
  2. You’ll get a longer tire lifespan by keeping your suspension system in good shape! Crossing potholes can knock your vehicle out of proper alignment when your car has damaged springs, causing your tire treads to wear unevenly.
  3. Used car buyers prefer vehicles with well maintained shocks and struts. Maintain these parts in good condition to command a better resale value!
  4. Aging springs in the vehicle may eventually break. If this happens, your auto won’t appear level on a flat surface. Replace broken springs to keep the weight of the vehicle evenly balanced.
  5. Vehicles with broken springs sometimes won’t turn well going around sharp curves. You’ll drive more safely with functional, well-maintained springs!
  6. Shocks struts, anti-roll bars and other components all contribute to a quieter ride, too. Broken parts may cause unexpected noises when your vehicle crosses bumps and potholes.
  7. A badly damaged suspension system with problems affecting shocks struts and other parts may not permit accurate steering. The poor alignment may eventually contribute to roadway accidents.

A Smart Decision!

Ask your auto repair shop to check over your car on a regular basis to correct suspension system problems. Taking this precaution could save you money in the long run!

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