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wheel-alignmentHave you noticed that your vehicle has started to drift to the left or right when you’re attempting to drive straight ahead? When that could be a problem with your wheel alignment. There are several things that can knock your wheels out of alignment in Perris, CA. Maybe you dropped off a curb or couldn’t avoid hitting that pothole or it’s just been a long time since your last wheel alignment. These are all the reasons why you should come to Pulido’s Auto Repair Inc.

We can quickly check to see if your wheels need to be realigned. And if that turns out to be the case then we have the latest equipment when it comes to your wheel and tire maintenance. We not only can realign your wheels we can also balance them.

Proper wheel and tire maintenance can help eliminate wobbling and excessive vibrations which in turn will help reduce wear and tear on your tires and wheel assembly.

Wheel Balancing in Perris, CA

Most of the time drivers can confuse the terms aligning and balancing when it comes to maintaining their wheel assembly. While cars are being manufactured to the highest degree of quality, more so now than ever, your wheels can still become unbalanced. That’s why you might see led weights stuck on the rims of people’s wheels. This is one method

There are certain disadvantages you may experience when it comes to have your wheels be misaligned or unbalanced. Your tires are meant to propel your car forward with as little road resistance as possible. This is where the rubber literally meets the road.

So if you’ve recently had your tires replaced, you’ve been running on a low tire, you’ve had your tires repaired or you’ve lost one of your balancing weights. We can make sure that your wheel assemblies are in tip top shape. Because wheels that are not functioning properly can cut down on your fuel economy and possibly cause other parts on your car to fail or wear down prematurely.

So if you have any questions concerning the condition of your wheels and tires, come on into our shop, give us a call or if today doesn’t work for you, be sure to conveniently schedule an appointment online and we will get back to you shortly!